Our Mission

VOR Technology is a privately held, veteran-owned small business that provides Cyber Intelligence Solutions to government, private industry, and critical infrastructure. We are a prime contractor in the Department of Defense specializing in Computer Network Defense, Computer Network Exploitation, and Cyber Forensics. We aim to use our technical expertise in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Information Assurance (IA) to support Cyber operations and training. Our mission is to provide support to government efforts in planning, coordination, and the execution of seamless cyberspace operations.


What we do

Government organizations urgently need solutions that provide automated, continuous, and end-to-end monitoring of our nations critical infrastructure to isolate vulnerabilities and risk. Cyberspace engineering support will help overwhelmed security professionals immediately identify and mitigate any damage from existing and potential threats. Only with these sophisticated solutions can government agencies defend our nation.

The team
Anthony Lawrence
Anthony Lawrence

Tony is a service-disabled veteran of the US Army, where he served as the mission manager for counter-insurgent operations cells within the Dept of Defense. Tony was also hand-selected to work on the Director of NSA’s staff as the primary corporate briefer for NSA/CSS, acting as the face and voice of the Cryptologic Enterprise. Tony plans to use VOR’s innovative cyber engineering capabilities as a catalyst to bolster national security, by changing the way the Intelligence Community sees cyberspace.

Tonya Feyes
Tonya Feyes

Tonya served 20 years in the Air Force, digital network intelligence analyst, and she provided subject matter expertise as a geospatial analyst, master instructor, military aide, and graduate of the National Defense University. She serves on the Cyber Intelligence Task Force under the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, Cyber Security Forum Initiative and Project Enyo, a 501C that highlights and supports Women in Special Operations Forces.

Ray Dwyer
Ray Dwyer
Vice President

After 10 years in the Air Force as a Korean language analyst and senior digital network intelligence analyst at NSA and overseas, Ray continued working as a government contractor, becoming a subject matter expert counter-IED analyst. Ray currently uses her organizational skills and experience in leadership communications to aid in VOR’s business development and daily operations.

Fred Barnes
Fred Barnes
Chief Strategy Officer

Fred dedicated over 10 years to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) as a counterintelligence advisor, case officer, special agent, and assistant to the Director of NCIS. Fred brings his expertise in advanced analysis, enterprise security, and cyber solutions to consult VOR’s management team and to lend a creative hand to VOR’s business development.

Erin Cameron
Erin Cameron
Office Manager
Adam Brown
Adam Brown
Subcontracts Administrator

Innovative cyber engineering solutions


Your Journey Starts Here! The industry’s best and brightest have made a home with VOR Technology because the intriguing projects we take on in Cyberspace are as fascinating as they are important. For our employees, securing cyberspace is our top priority. While many of our projects may be stamped “need to know,” all our missions – secret and unclassified – are critical ones that serve a vital public interest. If you are interested in becoming a member of the VOR team, see what we have available here.

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By the year 2025, all electric devices will be connected to the internet.


Don’t be exploited because of a weak infrastructure.


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